Synchroncity, synchronicity, synchronicity

I love it when synchronicity lines up, and while I do experience it in small ways, when I get a domino of it it’s sort of awesome.

Yesterday – ran into an old member of the writer’s group I spent time with in 2009; while it’s not a good time in his life right now – bereavement – he was happy to see me, and I him. I believe when he gets through this passage, we’ll have things to do to together.

There is also a friend of mine from college I haven’t seen in ten years. I’ve been truly worried about him, as at the time it was obvious he was veering toward a drug habit and was struggling. I lost touch with him, and I always felt bad as he was the first person to extend any kind of genuine friendship to me when I moved to Minnesota. After more than a decade here, I really know what a precious gift that is. Today, as I was driving to my pilates class, I looked in the mirror… and he was driving the car behind me. Both the car and he looked incredibly well. There was no graceful way to just get out of the car and go “OMG, JOSEPH!!!!” But I could see he was healthy, had a totally hot boyfriend and could afford the clothing he was wearing. It’s exactly what I would have wanted for him.

I’ve also learned that no matter how minor, the small stuff adds up in synchronicity. The lot on the corner of Central and Lowry has been turned into a pinwheel park. Pinwheels have special significance to me, and yes, to my magical practice. There’s an entire PARK of pinwheels. Squee!

I had also, yesterday, thought longingly about a ham and brie sandwich popular in coffee shops around the time I moved here. When I went to the coop to grab something for dinner, and lo! They had the very ham and brie sandwich I yearned for.

I then stopped by the library to pick up some origami books on hold. I went to the back area by the book return, and looked down to see that there’s a religion and myth study group starting in my neighborhood. I almost couldn’t bite my tongue before the “Fuck yeah!” escaped my lips in front of several possibly offended mothers.

I think the best gift is knowing – KNOWING -Joseph is OK. Maybe someday I’ll even get to talk to him again!