Synchronicity induced Inception

Today did not go as planned. My writing buddy had to cancel our scheduled coffee, but since I was already wearing a skirt – and I don’t just wear a skirt casually – I decided to go for coffee on my own. Unfortunately, MetroTransit bus system seems designed to keep college students contained to one part of town and to prevent anyone from outside that area from entering. Since the bus I needed to get to Espresso Royale had just passed me on the way to the bus stop, and another would not come for a good 25 minutes. I climbed on the next bus I saw coming assuming it would still go on up University and I could at least enjoy a slightly shorter walk to my destination.

It did not.

Instead I found the bus careening down 35W, and I found myself deposited at Roseville Mall. Roseville may boast expensive stores, but free wireless for a writer looking to work it does not. So I sucked it up, bought a ticket to the next movie I could tolerate the idea of seeing and then took myself for lunch at a restaurant where the waiters attempt to ply you with booze when there’s a pretty good chance you’re on your lunch hour. ((In the US drinking alcohol at lunch on weekdays is frowned on. We gossip about you Europeans and the beer in your workplace refrigerators with tones of scandal but looks of envy.)) Lunch was pleasant enough – read Proven Guilty from the Dresden Files, the waiter wasn’t excessively pushy for me to leave, and as it turned out lots of people must have taken the wrong bus because that was a fairly busy theater with a mature audience for a weekday afternoon.

It was totally worth it. Not only was it totally worth it, I am elated I got to see it by myself.

If you are in any way magically minded, you will want to see this movie. It explores layers of the conscious and subconscious, lucid dreaming, dream projection…all sorts of fantastic ideas we talk about but rarely try to express visually. While I know some old-school shamanic types get hung up on “well that’s not how it looks to me,” we can shove those aside into the Gallery of Point Missers and carry on with the exploration. There are certain TV shows and movies I bookmark as teaching tools, though I’ve yet to really use them: the tarot episode of Xena, What Dreams May Come, and now Inception.

Thank you spirit of G.O.D for sending me to that movie, and letting me enjoy it alone so I can process it wholly on my own terms.