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Why I require 24 hour in advance booking for my clients

Short answer: it’s for both of us.

painting by Orest Kaprinsky (1782-1836)

Why I do it for you: to avoid exploitation.
I tend to get the occasional client who wants a reading in person right now, or today. Sometimes this person is in tears, sometimes this person has had a horrible day, sometimes this person is scared, sometimes this person is drunk. Every so often I get someone so angry that it is a literal impossibility to read for them.

When people are in extreme emotional states, or need something now now now it’s usually a good sign they’re more vulnerable than normal. Vulnerability is always something I have to consider – and since I’m sometimes far more direct in my interpretations and advice than I mean to be, I have to be wary of my impact even when I know someone is having a good day.

I haven’t met the kind of readers that do this, but I have heard of certain psychics and the like that love getting people in these states because these are the ones that get the curse scam used on them. This is where they tell you that there is some horrifying curse on you and for “just $500 … (or whatever amount)” they can lift it. Of course, the only thing lifted is…$500. If someone follows up asking about it, they might lift an even higher amount from you. Sometimes the “reader” will just take whatever’s in your wallet at the time.

I do recommend additional services if I genuinely think they would help the client. I sometimes sell candles, I sometimes work spells, I often prefer to teach my clients how to do the spells themselves. But I want my clients doing it from a clear-headed place where they are doing these things or hiring these services because they have thought about it calmly and want to give it a try – NOT because they are scared, desperate, hungry, lonely, or sad.

The business of woo has no guarantees, no matter how I’d like to give them. All I can do is be faithful to you with my own faith.

Also, drunk people are my least favorite kind of people. Especially drunk people I don’t know.

I am a little more lenient with people I already know – for instance, having been subject to real life psychic attacks I’m more likely to take it seriously depending on how grounded the person claiming to have trouble is, and how much skepticism they bring to the table as a natural and often helpful defense.

Why I restrict to 24 hours for myself: Work/Life Balance

Psychic work, even if you happen to believe it’s just someone spouting from a brilliant subconscious, requires certain physical and mental states that take maintenance – also the vast majority of working psychics have to work other jobs and do this work for the flexibility and income/life supplement it allows. I am also a full time writer, I have a chronic illness (that’s improving) and I have an admittedly queer and quirky but still sometimes demanding family.

This means, along with doctor’s appointments, I need writing time, time to care for my household, and time to care for myself – which, in my case, means gym time. I am at my intuitive best when I am exercising heavily on a regular basis. This can be hard to achieve when I have a constant last minute client load.

Also, I am in a transitive space when it comes to my business. My “office” is at a yoga school where I am a member, and while I do have “official hours” on their website, I have to give them advance notice to reserve a time and space for my clients. I can sometimes work in a phone reading last minute, but even then, I prefer to defer a day so that I can bring my best, most intuitive and lateral-thinking self to our session.

While my practice is material, my aim is spiritual. I want my clients to find their lives improve from knowing me, whether I see them once and they find their spiritual calling or if I see them over several sessions as we use tarot, magic, and creativity coaching to urge them towards a goal.

The services I do are liminal and often unprovable so what people get out of it is their initial and extended emotional response to me. It helps my clients – and me – if we have time to set ourselves to as neutral an emotional space as we can achieve before we come together to look at their challenges and goals through a divination lens. 24 hours is a reasonable minimum amount of time to get into the right head state for that type of work.