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Paganicon 2017 Schedule

For those of you in Minneapolis, I will be at Paganicon this year! I’ll be teaching my urban magic workshops to help you feel a little more organic in your city. Also, contact me via Facebook for a tarot reading – I am charging a $20 flat rate and have room for about five people!

Event Date
Book Signing Friday, March 17 2:15 pm
Finding Nature in the Concrete Jungle Saturday, March 18 1 pm
The Journey to Our Own Personal Underworld Sunday, March 19 11 am
Connecting to the Urban Spirit Sunday, March 19 1 pm

Personal, first

I did go to Paganicon. I a)met people and was reminded that, flaws and all, b)for the most part people in my community like me and want me around. I may resist the idea of family because my experience of family is overwhelmingly negative, but I do have a tribe, motley crew though it may be.

I do have much to write about Paganicon, and since none of the attendees to my Artist’s Way workshop said anything (to my face) to the effect of, “I got up for this?” I am taking that as a sign of success. I was even fully reimbursed for the supplies I gave them, and was amused to see God jars appearing at random places throughout the conference. ((It occurred to me that while a cute idea, doing them had the massive flaw of leaving us day attendees stuck carrying a mason jar around all day. Good in theory, not great in practice, so if I repeat this workshop I won’t do that again.))