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Why hello again: how about I say re-howdy with a list?

Stuff going on:

  • Divorcing a Real Witch – out to beta readers at long last. After that, I get to make changes and then wrestle with preparing the manuscript for upload with my publisher.
  • Did I mention I’ve taken on an executive editor role with the Pagan Newswire Collective? Did I hear you mention you were looking for a news organization to write for?  (Here I look perky and hopeful.) Need not be Pagan to apply!
  • We’re moving. I’ll tell you where when I get there.
  • I shut down the Magickal Realism business. It never really recovered from the time I took off when Dad died, and honestly, I deal with a lot less entitled bullshit when working with private clients where they know my deal and I know theirs. Former clients, you are of course welcome to contact me privately. I’m not getting rid of my raw material, just the old stock. Also, my disgust with Etsy knows no bounds. I am not taking this out on the sellers in any way.
  • Fat Chic will hopefully have some guest writers in January. As thrilled as I am to publish my book, I live in the era of modern age publishing. I just have to assume I need to do my own book marketing. So I’m arranging for some lovely and awesome women to take the helm while I’m focusing on that – and on this blog – come January.

There are a lot of tiny moving parts in the meantime, too. A few things I feel the need to make clear: DARW is NOT a self-published title. The publishers asked to look at my book, and then asked to publish it. It’s a real, live, other-published book. My refusal to rush on it comes from a long time reading books that would have been wonderful and memorable if only someone had taken a little more time.

Fat Chic is still my day job and it takes a lot of time.

I am bewildered as to who has the time for Youtube and Facebook. Even when I was still doing traditional employment – and thus traditional unemployment – I just never found the patience to spend three minutes watching a video. Also, I do not multi-task – which is why some email responses and texts come in seconds, others, hours, others, days. Most of the time I can identify an emergency and respond appropriately.

There’s also a ton of little stuff going on in between: the need to update my web sites, packing before the move, doctor’s appointments… oh, yes, and an attempt to have that healthy social life that doctors and therapists are so excited about.