Taking a Witch Day


A Witch day, in my self-employed universe, is a day off to focus on things relating to the spiritual. I just came off of five days of a nasty cold, and my energy levels seem to have skyrocketed compared to what they were. They are probably normal and even low – perception may inform, but it is not a trustworthy informant. So there was some new moon aligned stuff I had intended to prep for over the weekend that didn’t happen. Instead I stayed home, drinking copious amounts of hyssop tea and trying to find the energy necessary to get out of bed and go to the bathroom. My partner has caught my cold, and here I am somewhat recovered just as the new moon … well, appears is just the wrong word, isn’t it?

To complicate matters, this is the October new moon in a part of the country where the veil between worlds/dimensions/fairy gets so thin that I occasionally walk through it like the proverbial screen door I fail to notice. So a few days out of commission means not just the physical flotsam that builds up in an American house of sickness, there’s spiritual flotsam that built up because I couldn’t do the daily minimal work of cleaning it out. Today I had intended to do at least a minimum of my writing routine, but the psychic and physical stuff everywhere was so apparent that I put my hand on what to a normal person would see as thin air and met with fuzz. Apparently I’m attracting faerie hedgehogs or something. So rather than do my writing/breakfast/stretching/prayer routine, I’ve spent my morning doing the bimonthly house cleansing plus the Ceremonial Magic requirements, finding out that I forgot to put a preservative in my smudge spray when my bottle came up empty and I found green fuzz floating in the top of my batch bottle, and finding the “doc bag” I use for spiritual house visits had something spill all over the inside of it that was fortunately absorbed by some paper I no longer had a use for.

Also, the new moon only has one day left on it, and I have a social engagement tomorrow and likely a sick partner to boot. So today this is probably all the writing or editing I will do outside the minimalist tweet or Facebook post that I do to maintain some connectivity to other living beings. Instead I’m going to be in some instances quite literally up to my elbows in one potion, powder, tincture, or spell after another.