That hoodoo that you do

It’s a long story, but last winter I came into possession of hoodoo coins. I did not, of course, immediately know they were hoodoo coins. I just thought they were eleven cents that I randomly picked up off the ground and dropped in my purse.

Suddenly I’m looking at my high school peers’ sport of bouncing pennies in a whole new light. After a long series of weird and disturbing happenings I rediscovered the coins, or more specifically, had them pointed out to me. While they’ve been disposed of – the cure for a penny curse is a dollar coin – I can still feel the adolescent malevolence vibrating at me through the picture. I had stashed them on my balcony until the snow began to melt in earnest. Today I got the nudge, and gave them to the Mississippi River along with the cure. As each person looks at this, the power is diluted until it is nothing more than water flowing to the sea.

Also, for those wanting to show off power: only shitheads do this. Don’t.