The Artist’s Way and a Wiccan: where Julia Cameron’s system has brought me thus far

Adventures in Decoupage Part II by you.

I didn’t consider myself blocked, exactly, when I started the Artist’s Way. I noticed that I have trouble finishing things for myself, and in an effort to get an elusive and actual book out, I decided to give it a try. So long as I don’t have to sign in blood I’m willing to try most things at least once. To my surprise, it worked – the artist’s dates, the walks, and of course the morning pages – brought me to a steady track where I have a routine, a self-maintenance, a place to stash my crazy.

What truly surprised me is that it’s brought me back to my Wiccan practice, with a fresh perspective: rather than engage in one ritual after another and keeping slavishly to a calendar, the artist’s way has helped me maintain a simple practice of awareness. Because I am out on walks, I am aware of the changing seasons, the moon phase, the stars in the night sky. Becasue I spend that time writing out the contents of my brain every morning, I am aware of the symbols and signals sent to me in dreams. Because of the artist’s dates I am aware of the creative forces out there, and I expose myself to synchronicity and contact with my god.

I have a feeling that the Artist’s Way is going to have a much more profound impact on me over time. You can read more about my travels on this path at my artist cluster’s blog. More will become evident here: in time, in time.