The Changes at Patheos

There’s a lot of good writers getting ousted from Patheos Pagan channel. It’s unsurprising, given it was run by a right wing Christian organization. I’m not sure what their theory was in having the diversity of faiths represented – “know thy enemy?” maybe? Once they found out exactly how impossible it is to convert people to Dominionism when they’ve all heard it, thanks, there’s a lot less reason to keep those dissenting voices around unless they breed hella revenue.

I’m possibly guilty of … I dunno, being a bad Pagan? Like I’d care? I lost interest in Patheos pretty quickly, and I am also pretty disinterested in Pagan Square. I think this is mostly because I see religion as something that takes care of itself. You have spiritual experience, or you don’t, and you evolve your beliefs – sometimes right out of the original package – or you don’t. I’m a religious woman. I engage with deities. It evolves and shifts back and forth between all the theisms based on what my life is teaching me in the moment.

I suspect it’s supposed to work that way.

The identity politics matter. The ethical talks matter. The relentless definition, re-definition, and “you can/I can’t” stuff just…annoys me. It all matters, sure, but I have a hard time staying engaged with it on a daily basis. If someone isn’t Pagan anymore, I see no reason to get butthurt. It’s their path. Your religious choices can’t betray me, it’s not a shared experience, even when you share community experiences around it. Wicca does not define every magical experience. The longer you practice magic – what really interests me – the less “right ways” you have to do anything.

I’m sorry to see so many good writers at Patheos displaced. I’m especially upset at the upending of the Daughters of Eve platform. That said, maybe shifting platforms will bring up some new conversations. We need them.