The Four Books (on Wicca) I plan to write

1. Divorcing a Real Witch

2. Urban Wicca

3. A book on elemental magic – I know they’re already out there, but I’m working on some stuff in my own practice and I will have stuff to add to the body of current works

4. A spellbook written completely in rhyming poetry, a la The Crone’s Book of Words

I’m sure there’s other stuff I will write along the way, but those are the four books on Wicca I want to write.


  1. NIniri

    RE: Urban Wicca….You’ve got my attention! I’m more ‘neopagan’ than anything, but I’m strongly grounded in modern technology and life in the 5th largest metro area in the US (that being Phoenix, Arizona’s greater metro). I’ll be looking forward to that..

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