The ghost in hijab #allhallowsread

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For the nowadays few who do not know what the word hijab means, it covers any covering of a woman’s modesty. Usually this modesty includes hair. It’s sort of like how Christian churches once required all women to wear hats, and why Jewish men wear a yarmulkah.


As you can see, there are variations on how much modesty demands covering.

I bring this up so you know what I describe, and because what the ghost did appears to relate to this whole modesty thing.

When Mike and I lived in Franklin coop, we shared the space with a lot of Muslims. It just came as part of daily life in that neighborhood. One woman who spoke no English went totally blind in one eye, and would sway down the hallways at odd times of day, acknowledging no one. There’s more than once I asked friends if they saw her too – I honestly don’t remember if Mike did. I placed my bets on her for village shaman, and went with the assumption she was among the living. While the problems we had while we lived there all happened in the last year and were quite many, for the most part we didn’t interact, which in Minnesota is the definition of a good neighbor.

It stands to reason that a few Muslimmahs have died while living in the coop. The building has existed since 1980, Seward neighborhood is the second most densely populated part of Minneapolis after Uptown, and, well, people die. Them’s the odds.

What I don’t understand is that, more often than not, when I took a shower, the ghost of a Muslimmah would poke her head in. She would stare, the water bouncing through her yellow hijab, as I stood with loofah in hand feeling quite irritated. Sometimes I gave her an energetic shove out. Once she stepped in with me, but I had salt on hand and threw it at her. My bathing activities are invite only, thank you.

Many people assume that ghosts watch us shower, see us naked, etc. I haven’t found that to be the case. First, nudity is only sexual because our culture makes it so. I’m Wiccan, so I’m exposed to non-sexual nudity once in awhile. Second, I’ve never asked about this, but it seems that ghosts do not date or pair up (though they can and do interact), which suggests that there’s a total absence of sex drive. The forces of life are not directly what powers the spirit. As it is, I’ve never seen a ghost in a porn theater, although I have in porn shops. Yes, I’ve been in porn theaters, and I realize this is making for one strange post topic.

I asked her repeatedly to stop poking her head in – first, I paraded naked in that home on a regular basis, so if she wanted to see a naked body, it wasn’t a problem. Second, it got annoying and creepy. She kept right on with the peeping Tomasina act. I don’t know if it was about the naked person or the water, I just know it drove me nuts.