The last homeless man in Times Square

This last homeless man insists on staying in Times Square. First of all, I hope that social workers have turned their attention to other neighborhoods. Second, this man – who does have mental illness, the most common root of homelessness – considers himself a “neighborhood protector.”

While I’m still not quite ready to fully commit to an exploration of the lines between madness and magic – but I will, most certainly given my recent personal problems – I want to present this thought for consideration.

What if – just if – this person is in fact a neighborhood protector/city spirit?  Will he take a different form, inhabit a new person, just be – in twenty years if I went to look for Heavy, I’d find him, and in one hundred years someone who remembers this post, on a lark, might go find Heavy – and see him just as he is today? Certainly the mechanics fascinate me, as does the possibility that this mad old homeless man might be just what he says.