The magic of perception

English: The Senate House Library stairwell, l...
English: The Senate House Library stairwell, looking down from the fifth floor. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There are spots on the stairwell where a sensitive person experiences dizziness. Put a hand out, and it feels like the atoms of the wall move just a bit faster than the molecules on the adjoining wall. At my housewarming, one guest reported that she felt the ceiling closing in on her when she used the main floor bathroom. I also had that experience my first few days living in this house. There have been days where I had to perform a rose cross on every single floor of the house just to be able to go about my daily work. That frustrates – while the ritual provides a nice break, I often wonder if there’s some sort of lifetime credit limit on how often I can perform a rose cross. Three times a day feels excessive. I’ve taken measures, laid down house rules, fumigated, laid down copper and camphor.

It’s a newish townhouse, built in 2005. The first owner died very shortly after taking custody, and the owner we purchased from had filed a lawsuit against the Home Owner’s Association. She sued for “not telling her something.” The judge quite rightly dismissed it with prejudice.

Over the last week the discomforting energy rose to a hard-to-bear pitch. The inclination to just crash on the couch or hide on the bed, not moving, hit often. The pinched nerve forced me to overcome it – the hourly physical therapy dictates I move or lose the ability to move altogether – but even so, it unnerved me enough to run to the really good botanica on Lake Street. Three reversal candles planted shifted the energy enough that I really noticed the wobbly atomic movements in other spots around the house – in every corner of the stairwell, behind the front door, in one spot in the kitchen, coming and going in the basement.

The day the HOA annual meeting came up, I awoke with an impacted left sinus and a massive migraine. I could barely do the Monday minimum for Fat Chic. I listened to a binaural for sinus problems, drank as much water and juice as I could, slept until Mike got home. As recovered as I could get upon his return, I went straight to the botanica and purchased 6 more reversal candles. I still might add one. As backup, I found some devil’s shoestring. The botanica labeled it “Abre Camino.”

The HOA happened at an artist’s house; it is older than ours, cozier in some ways. It had a small attendance – it’s a small association – and people greeted us warmly enough.  Rather than pretend I didn’t know, I stated with as much good humor as I could infuse that we knew about the lawsuit from the previous owner and my guess was it was either some weird personality thing or she thought there was a ghost. As it turns out, the original owner’s sister lives next door to us – and she assured me that her sister has long since reincarnated in a tropical climate. While hauntings don’t necessarily negate reincarnation and vice versa (a linear universe it’s not) it did appear that the previous owner of this house bred quite a bit of bad blood.  While the same neighbor pointed out in a fit of pique over furniture her sister installed that we removed that I am a writer from Chicago area just like the last tenant, for the most part, people seemed visibly relieved at the differences especially between myself and the last woman.

We parted company pleasantly, Mike with the HOA presidency and me with a garden plot. A garden plot!

The household energy upon my return home was altered – it felt like the house had just sighed in relief. Not all of the vibrational weirdness came from my neighbors, but so much of it did that I was feeling their tension and desire to restrict in my walls.  I’m still burning the candles – my neighbors might have provided a chunk of the weirdness but certainly not all of it – and besides, it’s a kindness to them to have the last woman’s memory gone.

While I protect my home well from spirit energy, I often forget to take into account the energy of my neighbors. Emotional energy is stuff of this plane of existence and often we don’t know how to shield or deflect it becasue we aren’t really taught well how to handle our emotions.

While I hate the corporate adage that perception is reality – it so isn’t – it does factor in to a magical life. My neighbors’ nervousness about the kind of person I in particular am affected the energy of my house to such an extreme I have had a hard time moving around in it. Their perception of the last tenant led to a fear of what I would be like. That fear started shaping the energy in my home. Now that they have a sense of what I’m like – and a sense that I won’t make routine things like HOA meetings unpleasant – it’s loosened a bit. I decided to take a gamble and skip the Rose Cross before bed – while still not optimal, it was better than if I might have skipped it last night. I also woke up with almost totally clear sinuses – it’s like yesterday’s sinus plus migraine never happened.

The best way to protect my home and keep it comfortable right now is to make an effort to be friendly with the neighbors. Their perception does shape my reality, because non-astral emotional energy makes a difference in my own environment.