The Mercury Retrograde list

Just a running list of various SNAFUs that happen to coincide with Mercury Retrograde:

  1. Confusion at the local science fiction meetup I administrate – from who had the DVDs to when they’d get there, all stuff beyond anyone’s actual control (and that prompted me to send two texts to my husband: “I miss you,” followed by “I really fucking miss you.”)
  2. The plug on my laptop breaking, forcing us to replace it for the second time.
  3. Yesterday, my laptop screen breaking for no discernable reason – I bumped it, but nowhere near the screen.
  4. Being subjected to some of the most painfully awkward social attempts I’ve ever experienced, ever. And I used to work in retail.

I’m sure there’s more coming, but mostly I’m focused on the laptop right now. Given that I’ve already replaced the battery in lieu of getting a new laptop, only to have to replace the plug… I’m thinking I should just give up and get a new laptop, hopefully a smaller one than the one I’ve been toting around. Also, Mike doesn’t believe me when I say that the laptop burns me, so hopefully I can get my hands on a cooling pack or something so I get more out of it later.

Update: My trusty Droid’s alarm went off with the program I use for meditation. It however would not allow me to shut the alarm off, no button, nothing in settings, NADA. I finally had to pull the battery because it was also preventing the phone from shutting down.


  1. Michael Janssen

    I believe you that the laptop is getting hot, but it’s been shown that adding cooling pads doesn’t actually help the heat on the top of the laptop. Hopefully when you get a new laptop it will be cooler in general, and we won’t have to worry about it burning you at all!

    I mourn the loss of this laptop but we can see if we can sell off the used parts for some financing after we get you a new one.

  2. Post

    OK sweetie, I’m bummed too, because it was an awesome laptop. That’s OK, I will make do with the hordes of technology around me.

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