The mystery of the disappearing file

Tearing My Hair Out
So, I’ve made steady progress on the handparting book lately, got a nice little routine going where I read a bit and write a bit and chip at it one page at a time…and then this morning happened.

This morning, my entire writing file disappeared.

Mike has worked all his recovery mojo. We’ve pulled up deleted files, I’ve run multiple searches, I’ve done everything – and remember, I’ve got the best there is possible to get right here in house when it comes to tech support.

The entire freaking file just disappeared, no explanation. It’s like it was never there – and that is not technologically possible. It’s really hard to completely erase data from a machine, and yet, POOF! The same thing happened with my writing file last year, and then it just reappeared again a few weeks ago. It’s truly bizarre. So, never deleted it, and yet the writing file is gone (although all my other files are in place) and now I’m attempting to recover it on the handparting book again.

I’m starting to suspect external parties, and I’d like to bite them all in the kneecaps. Because whatever creature is pulling this prank isn’t testing me, it’s just being sucktastic and shitty.

Some of the files have reappeared – sort of – but the really good poetic ritual I wrote? Gone. Just fucking gone. What I’m getting back are documents in pre-revision form, which is weird as the revisions are at least a week old.


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