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I recently miraculously recovered all my notes, outlines and details on the Divorce and Wicca book that I’d stopped writing last year when an accidental deletion left all that work beyond my ability to recover. After some moments of near suicidal frenzy, I set it aside, began inching work on the Urban Wicca book, but now find myself forced back to this book, that I had conceived of long before.

I have written a lot of outlines for it. They all seem like good ideas.

They all also seem freaking overwhelming. I am going to have to lay it down that this isn’t some kind of cure-all for divorce problems: I know people want creative solutions for the financial issues, etc. that come through, and that’s not what this book is for. I think that some early readers having that reaction stems from their own experience, but also stems from a sort of misconception that there is a central pagan lifestyle. There isn’t. Most pagans who do believe in such an animal point to my life and say very clearly, “Not pagan.” As far as I can tell, this is because I only live in buildings built after 1980 and my electrical equipment generally works as intended.

But I digress.

The things you do to save money, you don’t just do as the result of a divorce. In my case, my expenses went way up as I moved to a major city (Minneapolis) where the rents rattle the teeth of suburban dwellers. I worked second jobs as I could with a newly acquired illness, but I freely admit my finances were a mess for a long time, and some aspects are still in clean-up. Aside from “love thy thrift store” and “fear not the Income-Contingent repayment of the Stafford loan” and possibly “pre-tax deductions are your friend” I have very little to contribute in that arena. I will add as a magical note that collecting junk also does seem to attract debt. But what I’m getting at with the divorce is different territory, and as far as money magic goes, that’s well charted territory.


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