The Prosperous Heart: 10 Things that Interest Me

  1. Absolutely anything that reduces the amount of daily work I have to do/makes it go faster.
  2. Books. How to get more of them read. Speed reading, perhaps?
  3. The occult. It’s my passion, has been since I was 15.
  4. Sorting out the confluence between sociology, psychology and biology.  A number of “biological realities” are actually social constructs. I do not know what that number is, I just know it’s high.
  5. Sociology. Still considering completing graduate school, although there’s less pressure to do so since Mike has for the time being decided against the academic career track.
  6. Ballroom dance. Mike and I took a class about two years back and it was fantastic for our relationship. I want to do more of that. Mostly because I just plain like to dance.
  7. Origami, still.
  8. Grammar. I want to look for an online grammar course as  refresher.
  9. Eva Peron. She still absolutely fascinates me.
  10. Methods by which spiritual healing and cognitive behavioral therapy can be combined.


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