The Prosperous Heart: an adventure I’d like to take

  1. is to try a mosaics class.
  2. is to brave the crowds and see Mardis Gras, just once. Maybe twice if I like it.
  3. is to own a storefront business, like an all-handmade occult shop with a greenhouse.
  4. is to try graduate school again. I actually like the learning, and no two colleges or professors teach quite the same way.
  5. finish my “read all the classics” project I started in high school. I acknowledge this is probably not humanly possible.
  6. is to try a stand-up comedy routine.
  7. is to audition for a character part in a play.
  8. is to read at an open mic night.
  9. is to go on one of those flower essence training retreats.
  10. is to go to Pantheacon.

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