The Right to Write: Footwork

042211 017
It would be a support to my writing life if I let myself

1. say “no” to people very clearly.

2. get my calendar system updated to something that works for me now.

3. go ahead and started collecting groupons for house cleaning services.

4. read more.

5. quit with the perfume stuff altogether.

I would feel better about my writing if I tried

1. drafting more original material alongside my revisions.

2. sent more pieces out for possible publication.

3. querying editors on a few different topics.

4. talking to someone about establishing a real career plan.

5. taking some refresher classes in public speaking.

I have helped myself to have a writing life by

1. sticking to showing up at the page daily.

2. blogging actively.

3. participating in a pro writer’s message board.

4. attending a writer’s group until it no longer helped me.

5. trying new things.



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