The self-righteous bikus

Biking in Minneapolis is simultaneously one of the most awesome and one of the worst aspects of living here. It’s a bike friendly city with great trails, enthusiastic bikers and bike lanes in downtown traffic. Along with that, unfortunately, comes hordes of crappy bikers that make the good ones look bad. Environmental superiority does not elevate one above the law, and asshole bikers cause a LOT of accidents and near-accidents. I see some running stoplights on Central almost daily – until police crack down on them for running stoplights and add a nasty fine (dangerous!) I oppose installing bike lanes.


  1. Chas Clifton

    Last June I was talking with a couple of Colorado state wildlife biologists. They said that the user group most self-righteous and most resistant to having, for instance, a trail closed temporarily for wildlife-protection reasons was not 4WD owners … not ATV riders … but mountain bikers.

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