The Usonian

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This time, Mike and I stayed at the Usonian. The only motel built with that architectural style, it sits on the side of Highway 14, one of those random small-side tourist attractions that seems random until you recall the presence of nearby Taliesin.

It’s also for sale, or was as of the beginning of July 2011.070411 134

The property is one of those “historic preservation” places; even the furniture is kept to a T. While I wish they changed the carpeting – I have this thing about textures on my feet – and the room had slightly bossy signs all over it (turn off the A/C or we’ll turn it off for you, keep your kids of this ledge) and an inspirational poem I found a touch annoying (it makes assumptions about guests’ religious beliefs. I am offended more by the assumption about rather than the belief itself.) The bedspread also didn’t feel quite right to me, but again, I have a thing about textures that most people do not.

Our wireless was terrible, in part because we were the furthest possible room from the office.

Still, the room proved a great retreat during the nasty heat wave we endured while there.

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The woman who ran the office was quite nice, did her best to make us at home, and had a small wine shop that consisted of Romanian wine productions. Wine was one of the more peculiar themes of Spring Green, given its location in a beer producing state. I grabbed a Riesling (which I wasn’t aware could be produced outside of Rheinland-Pfalz) and it was middling enough to get us through a night of cable TV and the safety of air conditioning.

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The grounds were beautiful, and like most of Spring Green, the surroundings were heavily rural. People live their lives, every day of them, out in these areas, and while I was pushed to be one of the people that made such a choice, I still can’t imagine having such limited choices. For a respite from the drama and drudgery of my daily life, it’s nice, but the drama that would come from living in such a teapot might make me crazy.

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I didn’t get all the interior pictures I wanted – it screamed “swinging 60s” with a really well-designed small space short-term living motif. I loved that chair, too.

Still, for the price and where it was located, we got quite a bit out of lovely, compact motel room.

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