The “we” in team confuses me

sporrts fans by Norin P

Right before I left Mankato I spent some time with a French man who was ultimately the French version of an All American boy. Sure he loved cinema (NOT “movies”)  and smoked like a chimney, but he also went out of his way to identify with American sports. I asked him about his experience at a Twins game on our way to Minneapolis one day. “Good,” he answered. “We won!”

That hit me oddly. I chalked it up to some weird expression of the French, and went about our day wherein he lived up to the French stereotype and made me feel stupid on several occasions, but it was from his point of view a cute stupid stemming from French culture not being the center of my universe. He was also stereotypically hot, so I tolerated him.

A few years later my husband comes into the scene. I realize that at last I must pay the cultural piper, and that I am for the first time ever in a serious relationship with a sports fan. Apparently I already dated and broke up with the remaining men in the universe who were not. Just because it’s a nice thing to do, I asked him how the Vikings did one day.

“We won!”

Something similar happened when I asked a coworker how her favorite team fared. I noticed that many sports fans, when they talked about the Metrodome and a stadium upgrade, spoke in terms of “We need a new facility. We need this and that to play.”

Um, what?

Being a fan of something does not make you part of anything other than its fandom. And fandom for me has been a life-changing positive event in many other areas of my life. But when I watch my favorite television shows, I do not say “We had a good show.” I had nothing to do with its production, writing or outcome, much as I may fantasize about magically landing on the writing staff of In Plain Sight, my talent magically outshining my complete absence of experience and qualifications. ((And in this universe my incompetence with standard screenwriting format is dismissed as a minor detail.))

My husband still does it sometimes – “We did great!” And when the Vikings lost in the playoffs this year, I got to walk around my apartment complex and grocery store hearing, “How are we doing?” and seeing people hang their heads with, “We lost!”

I consider this insane.

And my husband does it.

Am I the only person who finds this phenomenon weird?