This Week’s Writer’s To-Do

Posting this every Monday – it helps set a guideline for the week. It also might help fellow writers see what a long-term workflow looks like, especially since writing full time is lifestyle as much as job. This is a callback to when I worked through Finding Water – I often worked through long, ambitious posts of to-do lists. Realistically, only one to-do item should fall off the list each week; in spectacular weeks 2-3 items should disappear.

This also lets me share calls for writers. Most are still non-paying, and most are at this point still Pagan oriented because that’s the market I know. I am working up the nerve to send to other markets, and hopefully it happens naturally as I clear a swathe through my area of specialty. I would very much like to become a true portfolio/crossover writer. There are moments when it seems like I can.

My writing to-do as of March 9, 2015:

  • Finish draft for Immanion’s Pop Culture Magic anthology. It’s due March 15, although I spoke to the editor and he commented about relatively few submissions at this point. I had written up a bit last month; hopefully this first draft won’t be in hideous condition.
  • Review the proofs on the Mabon book. That is going to be me, a coffee shop, a highlighter, and a red or purple pen. I’m oddly looking forward to it. (BTW, you can pre-order it now!)
  • Respond to an interview for Eternal, Haunted Summer. 3/12
  • Finish correcting and annotating last year’s anthology submission for a piece I wrote on Bast as an early warrior goddess (yes, she was) for Bibliotheca Alexandrina.3/12
  • Start drafting reviews for this latest round of Facing North. (Mind/Body/Spirit Pagan book reviews by actual Pagans.) Finish reading the last book from that stack – most likely on Friday, since that’s my reading day.
  • If possible, dig up something I’ve already written for Green Egg since I don’t think 10 days is really enough notice to concoct a new submission.3/14
  • Work on that book proposal.
  • Dig up an old spell/prayer for Janet Callahan’s Pagan Child’s Book of Prayers. (Due August 1.)
  • Check my Facebook save list – I’ve been finding a lot more anthology submission type things over there. Eventually I do want to inch towards stuff outside the Pagan market.

Remember, from week to week you’ll see some of these repeat.  Realistically this stuff takes time, especially since I do have to go to the gym, cook dinner, volunteer, and live a life with some social interaction lest my creative well run dry.