Those angry villagers aren’t atheists

Remember, water is considered a renewable resource. It rises to the sky, and then it falls out of the sky again. It fills our oceans – hell, it fills most of the planet – and even though we swallow it, urinate it, and irrigate it, it seems to find its way back again, albeit in various states of cleanliness and frequency.

I bring this up because a person on my Twitter stream retweeted someone finding “proof” that water proves that the earth is only a few thousand years old, and not “3.5 billion like the atheists say.” The argument was that, given everyone dead and alive today, we would have drunk all the water if we were in fact billions of years old. I looked into the guy’s stream, just to see if this was satire. It wasn’t.

from the Frankenstein movie - kids, spay and neuter your pets

I don’t much care for this Science Versus God debate. As a Pagan, the answer to both is yes, and the insistence that you must choose one or the other is merely a sign that people on either side of such a debate have not developed the fundamental skill of counting to three or higher. A belief unthreatened by discovery is a sustainable belief. The supposition alone that everyone who believes in evolution automatically does not believe in some sort of god is as tiresome as it is false. But the idea of water as a finite resource in the sense this person thinks of it is boggling. I wasn’t aware fundamentalist Christianity had disbelief in physics as part of its dogma.

My assessment of this, as absurd as it was, was this: “You see those villagers with the torches and pitchforks over there? Those aren’t atheists. They’re meteorologists.”

 Note: I have been advised by cyngreg on Twitter that the source of the following theory was in fact satire courtesy of Landover Baptist, the site that also recommends “treeing” Wiccans like myself. However, it came to me from someone who ACTUALLY BELIEVED IT.