Time keeps on slipping…

It’s Tuesday evening/Wednesday morning and I feel like the week’s already gotten away from me. I blame the depressing weekend. Typically I have an established routine: get up, artist’s way work, write, blog, lunch, afternoon physical projects, a walk, and then husband-related stuff. At the moment I’m instead facing a schedule upheaval. Gone are my Friday artist’s dates, but in their place I have free access to the car on Wednesdays. This allows me to run around fulfilling errands and maybe sneaking in artist’s dates, if I’m careful to moderate those errands.

Also, Mike caved to my pleas and let me get that $99/two month membership dealie at the YWCA. Not a fabulous deal – only $!6 less than the monthly fee anyway – but more than sufficient to thoroughly tide me over until community ed begins again at the end of September. I definitely can’t afford $58 a month year round, but for two months I can swing something a little less. This forces me to drastically alter my writing schedule, as now I get up and catch the bus to the YWCA. I’m aiming for daily if I can do it. I can drive on some days, and parking is astonishingly cheap for members. Even so, getting to twelfth street is always a bitch.

So my good intentions are already a bit rattled. I still have serious plans for the Pagan Values project, including a links roundup and much – much – to write down the line. But I also had another Llewellyn contract come find me, and I realized during rewrites that I need to completely split up a chapter I originally planned to including in the Divorcing a Witch Book Proposal.

I’m sure I’ll get used to it in a week or two. For now, it’s just making sure I do something – just a little – towards all my goals every day. Of course, posts here range from 500-1000 words typically, so “a little” is relative.