Twin Cities Twitterati: a Frosty Proposal

If you live in a northern state like I do, chances are you’re going to Twitter about snow. While it may seem “obvious” to those who don’t live in such an environment, trust me, when you live with it, it’s newsworthy when there’s a lot of it all at once like what we got today.

Last year the first huge blizzard in the Twin Cities did indeed trend on Twitter. This year it didn’t because there’s no mutual agreement on hashtags. So I am proposing (and opening for discussion, revisions, ideas for what would work best) a blizzard hashtag system sort of (but not really) like what the US Weather service uses in naming hurricanes.

I propose that any snowfall that results in a Snow Emergency merits a hashtag. The Snow emergency system does seem to have some specific guidelines and tends to follow other newsworthy events, and there have been a lot of newsworthy shut-downs today. As of right now, I’m pretty convinced my mail carrier just gave up – Metro Transit and the snow plows certainly did. Bars and liquor stores are of course open, and this is because they are the only places people would want to go in a storm like this.

I also predict a baby boom 9 months from now.

Here is my list of suggested hashtags, in order of the storm. So the 1st storm gets one tag, the 2nd the next, and so on:










I’m not always terribly clever, and many MN Twitterati pride themselves on it, so I invite you to put your wit to use. I do get spam so stuff does get held, but I promise I won’t sit on it too long.