Ugly Betty finale

I’ve come to think of Betty Suarez on the US Ugly Betty as the anti-Daria. Where Daria Morgendorffer snarks at fashion and does ultimately consider herself above all that lowly stuff like the entitled middle-class brat she is ((but I still love the show, and Daria)) Betty comes to understand it. The difference between Daria and Betty is more than just the positive/negative attitude dichotomy or social privilege: it’s that while Daria likes to know things and goes about it by reading and watching obscura, Betty is willing to learn. They are both smart and capable characters. But Betty capitalizes on her luck rather than having a crisis over it, and she treads out bravely exposing her neck to all sorts of criticism while maintaining an unironic positivity. She isn’t blind or “let’s be sunny at it” all the time: she is very real about the people around her.

I identified with Daria, and I identified with Betty. Especially now that choosing the positive has become so very important in my life, I really wish I were Betty even though I’m now a) too old and b) a career like Betty’s these days is purely anachronistic fiction. While I know the campy adapted telenovela took a real nose dive after its first season, I’m still really sorry to see the show go. It’s my first experience with living vicariously through a character: I loved that Betty’s love life was actually pretty happening, because it meant that mine wasn’t the strange animal some people have assumed it to be ((I tended to have to work at not being in a relationship, much like Betty.))  I loved her connection to her family, her relationship with Mark and Amanda, and I baldly ship her with Daniel.

So yes, I am hoping they close with a hyper-romantic ending where boss man figures out where his head is at. I never got the over-the-top romantic ending in my 20s. So I totally want to see Betty have it. If my vicarous life is going to end, I want it to end good.