So if I want to go to New Orleans this weekend, I can. While it would stretch out our budget for awhile, and I’d end up missing Paganicon altogether (still on the fence about doing it  because I have yet to find a compelling reason to do it, compelling being that I need to see some way in which *I* would benefit from it)  it would a)get me out of Minnesota and into civilized society, where I will be treated with basic human civility whether I’m from Minnesota or not and b)it would be warmer. Also, I miss New Orleans. Something about the place really gets me writing, and the ghosts, while everywhere, see enough of my kind that I don’t interest them that much and thus don’t get harassed like I do around here. It would be a lot of walking, and taking pictures and writing. Maybe I’d revisit the modern Voudon musuem. I might kick this lingering depression and persistent sense of betrayal, too. A reminder that people outside of this state know there’s a world that has just as much to love in the world as there is to fear, and connect with that vitality before this place sucks me dry.

Of course, there are safety issues and my commitments (though the rewards of virtue are quite foggy to me at the moment) and of course crime-related concerns.  I shall see.

I have not ruled out the possibility that I will get to Paganicon and actually be pleasantly surprised.