Unplanned play with Paint.net

It’s not so much that I’m ever unmotivated, as that my motivation becomes intractable and I am forced to do some task I had not planned on doing today. So on this day it was the image heavy insistence. End result, along with a lot of photos edited? A new banner for my Twitter profile:

twitter banner twitter banner2 twitter banner3

It’s an expression, sort of, of my new blogging direction – to focus more on what’s actually important to me, to share that, to actually talk about me a little bit more. I did it in Paint.net and pulled photos from my flickr account  – all taken by me. It doesn’t show here as well as it does on my Twitter account, and given that nearly everyone uses Twitter via an app these days, it’s unlikely anyone will really see it. But hey, if anyone does – that’s my expression of what matters. The penguins aren’t that political though. Penguins can’t be. They’re psychotic.