What Divorcing a Real Witch is really about

It's most confrontational to me. #pagan #divorce #amwriting #relationships
The title suggests to the stereotype bound that it’s a Darrin versus Samantha story. In a way it is – my ex did actually discourage me from practicing magic. But as a few that have previewed it already can already tell, it’s really about something often glossed over in gossip rags and even some self-help books:

Divorcing a Real Witch is about self-care.

Self-care sounds like a gentle, simple concept – but is actually pretty radical. It invests in the belief that we become better human beings when we invest in ourselves and address our emotional lives. It also  upends gendered assumptions about who does what in terms of care taking.  Men do not need a womanly breast to soothe their souls and heal their egos. Women do not need to prove a goddamn thing about their characters to strangers in which no transaction has manifested- not even to other women. No adult ever has any obligation to making mommy or daddy proud. If  as fucked up as my own parents, you owe it to yourself to forget them.

Women and men are both bullied out of learning positive self-care skills. These days, “evolutionary biology” is the excuse for interfering with these skills. Ultimately both genders have a capacity to reason that exceeds phantom  impulses assigned their genitals to excuse bad behavior. They can – but few roadmaps remain of how.

There are people who just want something to be different this time. They are in the right head space to understand the nuances of looking to the self to effect outer change.

Divorcing a Real Witch is for them.