What I see when I see ghosts

image by seriykotik on flickr
image by seriykotik on flickr

I can’t really take a picture of what I see when I say I see ghosts. Two (or three) things happen when I sense a spirit presence:

1)I sense that a body is filling up space, just like I would if a person came into the room and I didn’t turn around to see them.

2)If it is someone I knew in life, I can usually see them clearly in my mind’s eye, or out of my peripheral vision.

3)If it’s not someone I knew, sometimes I can get a grip on what they look (looked) like and sometimes I can’t – it depends really on the spirit, what the spirit wants me to see, and how much juice the spirit has to manifest.

4)I always see a sort of outline or gathering of energy. I have one of those little cataracts floating in my eye, and what it looks like is a great big cataract, except it’s on the other side of my eyeball and can go away/dissipate. The cataract-gathering is especially common at night.

5)There is always something I can reach out and physically touch, like putting my hand into the field and feeling it vibrate. I’m not sure how else to describe it – it’s tactile, but you can’t grab it.

Towards Samhain and sometimes towards Beltane and around Midsummer, however, the visions become so intense as veil crossing gets heavy-duty. It does truly get so I don’t feel safe driving at night, as I can’t distinguish from a critter on this side of the veil and one on the other side – I still remember one time when a spirit, apparently taken with a dark humor, actually ran across my car and  made it look like it ricocheted off the hood of my car, only to disapparate at the edge of the cornfield across the road. (Not like a person vanishing into the corn..but like…well, a cartoon would explain the difference.) I really hated commuting from Mankato to Fairbault after that.