What I’m up to

  • I’m in phase II of working on Urban Wicca – look for updates soon, including some web goodies.
  • I’ve picked up attention to Magickal Realism Natural perfumery. I’m trying (vaguely) to contribute just a bit more to the Rebel Perfumer Rebel Yell while I’m at it. At this point though, it’s sort of …um, what do you say?
  • I’m in the final planning phases of my wedding, and I must say: some people are real vultures when it comes to wedding-biz opportunism. It’s funny…but very annoying, especially when you have to explain to someone (who has no need to know this) for the tenth time that BOTH your families come from out of state, and that yes, you WANT a small wedding. And that you don’t really want to do a reception. I can actually feel my nerves tightening and rising higher in my skin every time some random insensitive approaches me.

I know it may seem silly, but I’m looking for a way to devote more time to my fan works. I have nothing to gain from them, but I feel like I do gain from them in a host of ways, and with Daria coming out on DVD in 2010, I’d like to be ready with something to really offer.