What I’m up to

driftwood on Mississippi River copyright Diana Rajchel 2009
driftwood on Mississippi River copyright Diana Rajchel 2009

I’m starting to feel pressure – mostly that I’ve put on myself – to hurry up and finish a book, dammit.Given that I am a short form writer, and all my published work to date is short form, I know I need to forgive myself, reset, and keep working until it’s in the best shape I can make it. Even then, one way or the other, I’m likely to have it kicked back to my a few times with “fix this, that and the other thing,” and I will become as ever impatient.

Even so, I’m still working through the Artist’s Way. Since I’m working through all of Julia Cameron’s works, I expect this to take a few years. You can check my progress over at my artist’s way cluster’s blog. I’ve been concerned that the work has been “taking away” from my real work, until I sat down to my files the other night and discovered I have a library of thousands of pictures and scores of notes to work with.

So what am I working on right now? Blogging. I’m trying to get as much in the way of blog posts out for several months, if possible. Short form my heart out. Ideally I’ll have a lovely little schedule where I do my morning pages, have breakfast, go for a walk, write my book pages, write a few blog posts and then transfer my attention to my perfumery for the remainder of the day.

I just want to do it all, and I know that might be a failing, but I hope it turns into a success.