Writing: what I’m up to

Mill City Museum by you.
from inside the Mill City museum

  • The Urban Wicca outline is complete. I am having other writers and pagan practitioners take a look at it and give me feedback.
  • I have been commissioned for some work for Llewellyn annuals this summer. This means that this week I write out and space out my blog postings, and then put the bulk of my effort into getting those articles written and workshopped.
  • I updated the landing page on my website. There is other work to be done on the remaining pages, that I will get to as I am able to do so.
  • My naughty project: I wrote a Harry Potter/Daria/Strawberry Shortcake fanfic. Best viewed through Google Chrome. Implied violence.
  • I am continuing on with my Artist’s Way work, and posting regularly to my cluster’s blog.