What I’m working on now

american graffitti by Barabeke.
American graffitti by Berabake on flickr

I’m drawing to a close with my Llewellyn work for the year – and while it’s always fun to write these articles for Llewellyn, it’s a bit of a relief as I’ve been wanting to explore other forms of writing, particularly as my interest in writing fiction has finally recovered from the trouncing it got in graduate school. I’m still working through Vein of Gold in the Artist’s Way program – which you can read over at iplanttheseeds blog.

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of taking a few friends with for my annual pilgrimage to Minneapolis City Hall. We did our spirit of the city invocation, and I believe it has opened up perceptions of the city for each of us. I will be uploading more urban footage as I go this year, and I do have plans that will hopefully manifest to make my readers able to make use of the things I go and see.

The Urban Wicca outline was taken out for a walk with some wonderful and thoughtful people. There will be revisions – extensive ones – to the outline, which will be uploaded to my website when it is done. No dates yet, watch this space for when the link goes up.

Progress tends to be small and perhaps a bit dull, but it still feels good to even make a little bit.


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