What I’m working on

File:Cathedral game in progress.jpeg
Building Rome in several days.

I’ll try to do a post like this once a week or every other week, to give you all some sense of progress. So, for your information, here are my current projects:
– I’m working on a piece for the 2010 (2011?) Llewellyn Magical Almanac. It’s a household magic article – so back to some folk roots.
– Urban Wicca is at 26000 words and I have taken it to outline – the end draft will be 100,000. A prospective publisher can always cut material.
– The handparting and Wicca book faces a setback as my entire writing file was deleted, and what was recovered was months and even years out of date. However, I soldier on. Collectively I’m at 20,000 words before I begin interviewing other divorcees.
-I am continuing on the Artist’s Way work, picking up Vein of Gold. In many ways this constitutes my spiritual working for a few years. I along with my cluster members keep a blog of our progress at IPlanttheSeeds.