What kind of person do you help?

In California, there’s so many gurus running around they could be wild fruit. The reason people of the abstract “helping” variety proliferate has something to do with deep-rooted cultural mixings none of us quite remember and because there is a constant pressure to be innovative and creative in almost all fields of life. People are told to constantly go outside their box (and unfortunately reinvent a lot of wheels that way.) People try to resolve these pressures with fortunetellers, tarot readers, yogis, and all sorts of motivational speaking.

This brings folks experiencing these pressures to me and people like me. When they come to me, I’m wheel and box agnostic. Sometimes going back in the box and finding neglected tools will work. Sometimes you do need to reinvent a wheel, although it’s often better to just borrow someone else’s for a template. I also help people prioritize: food and clothing first, family, then your job – and by building that strong foundation you become more competitive.

I do the best work with and for people that want to move forward. If someone is hung up on an ex and for whatever dopamine-induced reason can’t let go, there is little I can do until they are prepared to clear their energy. If someone has been through hell, realizes their past trauma is affecting their choices and wants a clear way forward – that’s someone I can happily work with. The most important thing about the people I work with is that they are there for themselves. It does no good to see me about a partner, child, or boss that you want to change – all change must start with the self and move outward. All the lit candles and visualization exercises in the world make no difference until someone who sees me fully commits to wanting that difference.

This is one reason that I screen clients. I want the right clients, people who are looking for my insight and from there to do some work. I don’t take people who simply want their fortune told – I take people who want to examine their life patterns and do something about it. Admittedly, there is money in the entertainment seekers, but I will forego that to have time and quality to give the people who really want to see a difference in their own lives.