What would you do with five pounds of green beans?

011612 006

Like the US prepares for wars, Minnesotans prepare for the LAST winter. So Mike and I decided to really pack our freezer with the frozen foods, preparing to have something local even if we could not necessarily get it fresh. The end result of this is a very large bag of green beans and various proteins. Now that Mike’s off the ketogenic diet,  I’m having to readjust – but right now I am sneaking in one or two keto meals here and there on purpose. Why? Because while I think the demonization of carbohydrates – or of any food (not food product, but food/baked good/dairy item) is absolutely ridiculous, I also find that a break from the carbs here and there refreshes. While I don’t have a wheat allergy, my body doesn’t like too much starch in general.

It also gave me an interesting cooking challenge. I found that when I ate fully-fatted yogurt, butter, or whatever might have a full fat versus no fat option, I consumed less calories and felt more satisfied eating the fatty stuff. ((I’m still very anti-diet because I’m very anti-cult thinking in general, but I do like to try new approaches.))

Which is good, since  I’ve got five pounds of green beans to try new things with. I suppose at some point I’ll fall back on the “when in doubt, puree,” approach. There’s only so much quiche and fritatta a woman can make.

What you see above is baked green beans with feta cheese. The top image is a lot of lemon juice with a dash of olive oil – I likely added too much lemon juice on that one.