Why 2 DUIs is too many

In the past three years, I’ve met multiple people with multiple DUIs. They all had one thing in common:

Not one of them seemed to think they were at fault for drinking, and then driving. Most blamed the police. One blamed the person that called the police after trying to take his keys. None of them acknowledged that their actions could steal lives and livelihoods from other people.

This tells me something about each and every person who did this: s/he does not care about other people. It’s not a 100% indicator, but it’s a pretty big sociopath warning sign.

I have long contended that what you do to your body is your business, but if what you do can in any way harm me, or harm a person who did not consent to interaction with you, what you do with your body is very much public business.

DUIs are a big example of this.

You can feel like you’re “not drunk” and whatever. And while still a horrific thing to do, I can understand – almost – one DUI. If you’re new at drinking, and you don’t know how to gauge your limits, you haven’t learned that two glasses of water two one glass of alcohol is necessary to clear your system and still takes hours at times… and the police officer that pulls you over catches you before you hurt anyone… the correct, decent human being reaction at the first DUI should be absolute horror at what might have happened. It should not be “Damn, I got caught.”

I don’t give a damn how convinced you are you can handle yourself when you’re drinking. It’s bullshit. It’s ego driven bullshit, and you’re trying to prove something no one cares about at the expense of another person’s life – a person you might even know.

This isn’t “don’t drink and drive.” It’s “strangers matter too, the people you could kill matter too, there are times when what might have happened matters one hell of a lot.”

Trying to “correct” for your bad behavior by “punishing” yourself – forgoing, say unemployment, or something does not address that you are risking the lives of others by drinking and then driving. If you want to risk your life, and you’re that self-centered, whatever, but since other people who didn’t sign up for you are involved the minute you turn the keys in the ignition, then yes, I have a big and permanent problem with you if you’ve gone so far as to drink and drive at least TWICE. Probably more, since habitual offenders only get caught once in awhile.

If you want to make it right after multiple DUIs, the solution is simple. Don’t drink and drive. Either get a sober driver, walk, drink where you don’t need to drive, or don’t freaking drink.  If alcohol “causes” you to act out, you are wholly responsible for your actions. Being drunk is not an excuse, especially when you know you’re inclined to do harmful things after you’ve been drinking.