Why the liability release on the divorce survey was removed

I noticed in a web search last week that there was some confusion about the liability release for the Divorcing a Real Witch survey. That’s because…

  1. it’s included in the language of the survey itself
  2. and it’s more important that those who go in front of a camera sign a release.

While it’s all implied I realized that neopagans especially get kind of fuzzy and weird about anything involving publishing. It’s a combination of a widespread misunderstanding of an already incomprehensible business with a unique cultural blip – we are among the last groups to place importance/fame on book authors over television and movie entertainers.

Any data released from the survey will not be accompanied by identifying data unless the survey participant explicitly allows it. I also intend to release a portion of the data in strictly numeric forms in order to add to demographic data – ages of divorce, number of marriages, etc. Since we have little in the way of demographic data as to exact numbers of neopagans in the world (or just in the USA) the information likely won’t reveal much in terms of the overall population. It might, however, show some commonalities in experience among neopagans that go through a divorce.

So to self-styled curmudgeons “nit picking” a process that they have no intention of contributing to: knock it off. You’re not contributing anything useful by blocking something that might be useful. If it turns out that what I write isn’t, that failure is on me, not you. Preventing people who might be helped through an act of participation from participating by drumming up fear is on you – and it’s a sign you suck.

I realize that credibility is a requirement among neopagans; unfortunately, there’s often a failure to distinguish between establishing that I’m trustworthy and overcoming a chip on someone else’s shoulder. Ultimately, I’ve got nothing to prove but something to share. If you want to partake, great, but perhaps instead of blocking my project you might use your protective energy in  a situation that perhaps obviously needs protection.

If that doesn’t work for you, then at least go fear change somewhere away from my yard.