Wicca as “dark” and “violent”

It’s not.

The only time I’ve encountered darkness and violence as a result of my religious preference has been when people who are NOT Wiccan decided to be assholes about it. Much of the “violence” comes when a family member who is not Wiccan has an inappropriate sense of what s/he has any right to control.

But for the under 18s, they can still make you go to their church. But no one has a right to control what you think, despite motherly selfish con artistry since Eve. Hang in there.

I’m not eating your cats or your children. I don’t need baby fat for flying ointment when olive oil is so easily obtainable these days.

Oh, and I’m positive I’m not going to hell. But you might want to take a step back and think about where you’re living; I’m pretty sure spending that much time scared and angry is hell. I’ve always liked God, and I can’t imagine my big buddy being pleased with anyone doing a job he’s already quite good at.