Winter Banishing

winter banishing spell

This is a spell I wrote and designed today. I ask that you not just copy it verbatim to your blogs, tumblrs, etc. Instead, make a video or sound recording of yourself performing this spell, take pictures of your snow-pot, write a long screed objecting to weather magic and link back to shake your finger or use this to create an even BETTER winter banishing spell and link back to this one as you do a compare and contrast. All magic is derivative – but when it comes to online content, derivative is fine but outright copy is not just boring, it causes a dead stop to real magical advancement.

So, if you’re really just here because you want to do something to feel better about this extended and horrific bump in the Arctic Stream of 2014 then this is the at-home ritual for you. I’m hoping lots of people do it – a great big chain petition for better weather.


  • a metal pot filled with as much snow as it will hold
  • 9 coins, any denomination
  • a place to put the coins
  • a working stove top


Optional: herbs of the sun
Recommended: bay leaves, saint johnswort, cinnamon, clove, rue, walnut hull, orange peel, licorice root, cedar

Place the snow-filled pot over a burner. Add herbs to the top, if desired. Say the following incantation 9 times. This is what I am calling a 9×9: 9 lines composed of 9 syllables so that the numerics themselves carry a sort of energy forward. At the end of each recitation drop a coin in a place you’ve decided to drop it. When the coins are gone, you’re done chanting.

Boil and rise, snow take back to the skies
Break crystal, break ice; fire – cold excise.
Winter fade melt to dreams lost in steam.

Correct the winds that bring bitter streams
Call power to end this harsh regime
Oh sun, call done this dark Arctic run.

Release the green that heralds the spring
That calls the winds of the summer king
Wet to the river, wind to the sky.

So mote it be!

Some folks may want to add Psalm 23 at the end or beginning of this, others may want to perform an offering to one of the many noted gods of weather.

As you chant, imagine summer weather things: a robin bursting from the pot; the feeling when your favorite baseball team wins a game; rocking back and forth in a hammock; the chirping of crickets and frogs, the feel on your skin when it’s a perfect night for catching lightning bugs; watching bees forage for nectar; anything else that evokes summer for you.

Allow the pot to boil down until only about a quarter inch of water is left. Throw that outside (on an area that won’t create a dangerous walking path.) It’s fine to yell “get outta here!” or “winter, begone!” as you do. You may wish to eat something solid after – pancakes are good; no matter what they’re made from.


  1. Jen Donohue

    Sigh…we don’t have enough snow here anymore to scrape up and do this with (lots of ice and cold, though!) I’m on the list of people who really need winter banished, though.

  2. Post

    You could also scrape up ice for the same purpose. If there’s no snow and just frozen ground taking running water to a boil and then leaving it outside to “infect” the environment could also work.

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