Workshop: Handparting/Divorce Transitions

Divorce is a time of extreme transition, emotion, and chaos. It may not even be the best time for reflection on relationship patterns and choices because the emotional extremes actually affect us on a neural level. Taking the perspective that divorce is a social solution to a much bigger social problem, this workshop teaches self-care while accepting the extreme emotions that ending a marriage brings about.

Divorcing a Real Witch from Diana Rajchel

Diana Rajchel, author of Divorcing a Real Witch, draws from her own experience as a young divorcee and from experiences shared with her by others that have gone through this transition.

The workshop is based on the concept of kinetic and potential movement. During a divorce process, the inner world swings between grief and healing, passing through clarity on the way to either side. While moments of clarity may be fleeting, a few exercises can make the most of those moments. Grief and healing are processes as well as states of being; recognizing these states and working with them as teachers can help move through the process of divorce if not with less pain than certainly with greater consciousness.

2016 Divorce Resources Handout
2016 Pantheacon Divorce and Handparting Workshop Outline