Writing lockdown and scheduling

So the writing “lockdown” started yesterday. It’s more of a fulfilling an agreed-to schedule with my husband, and then going elsewhere to write for the evening. Since virtually no coffee shops stay open late enough to fit our schedules, I find myself wandering to bars that offer wireless for my work – or, really, exploiting my Android Tether.

I also strongly suspect that USI Wireless has some programming that blocks/hijacks nearby signals. My Droid is getting stuck with the USI login even in areas that I know offer free public WiFi. What a crappy, nasty, illegal business practice.

My goal is to get my book proposal into what I hope is salable order. I want to send a query to a prospective agent this week, and if she says yes, I’ll at least have that prepared immediately. Whether she says yes or no, this gives me the month of November – nanowrimo! – to work revisions, research and updates on my book.

I have some minimal Etsy stuff to do in the meantime, but hopefully somewhere between today and tomorrow I’ll make some real progress on assembling and revising those first fifty pages. At least, I hope it turns out at fifty pages. Hard to say right now.