Yes, work IS in progress

January is my slow down for the details month, which is why you’re not visually seeing much on the production end for me. My current visible project is – I got it up with the content changes, etc. but as my husband kindly pointed out, I’m no web designer and I currently don’t have the means to pay one. So the next week or so will be applying some design consistency. I also need to make room for the information about Handparting: a guide to Wicca and Divorce, including an outline, sample chapters, and video footage of some people who consent to be interviewed for the book. I have my notes and what I’ve currently written in a considerable pile on the floor, and I’m going to get OVER myself and get a proposal written and in front of publishers this year. Anyone with any specific suggestions as to what publishers might find my work a good fit, please contact me. I know who I want to hire for any publicity work, but I also need to find an agent to handle the contract stuff. It’s time. As it is, I’m going to set up a fairly long survey for those who have been divorced for a year or more, and I’d like to gather a few interviews to tape as well as some online. It’s a really LONG interview, so finding the willing may take a lot of work.

On another front, I’m also in the process of installing my indoor garden. It’s a very DIY setup using desk lamps bought at Target with plant bulbs installed, and a slow aggregation of seeds from places ranging from Home Depot to Botanical Interest. I’ve got the raw material so now it’s just a matter of setting it up and getting started. My first two crops are going to be catnip and cat grass – I intend to sell these to cat owners so I can raise funds for the rest of my garden plans, and possibly for a few household details. While I can sell off some of my clutter in exchange for small improvements, I also have an eye towards intentional decor – even though I’m well out of the broom closet, I still like having a few pretty things that are under the radar but still visually fun.