Yet Another Poppet Cheat

Actually, there are no cheats in magick. It’s either “works” or “doesn’t work.” Sometimes this is a works for you. But for the most part, “for you” pretty much just translates to “works” except in cases of really severe self-delusion.



The latest on my list of works: Sculpy molds.

Yes, I make poppets. More than I’d like. Since there’s a bit of a crime problem leaking into my neighborhood that includes a chunk of mail theft, I’ve been making unnamed/unbaptized poppets and casually leaving them on my porch.

I get all my packages.

A lot of old grimoires instruct their would be magicians to construct figures from wax. I could go looking up what’s older/more traditional – wax or cloth stuffed doll – but I know in my heart of hearts that that’s a deep rabbit hole when I just want to make a quick “hey, check this out!” post. Besides, clay and clay tablets definitely predate both.

Thanks to who-knows-what technology you can now get clay from your favorite craft store (probably not Hobby Lobby, considering my readership consists of Pagans and mildly amused humanists/agnostics), make it into what you want and bake it at 250F/121 C for about 15 minutes.

Since I’m not the most adept at shaping things, I can just fit the clay into the molds after kneading my poppet elements into the clay.  Remove the mold, piece it together, add any identifying details while muttering favored imprecations…and bake.

et Voila, poppet!