Yet more unearthing

Right now I feel like I’m in the midst of some not-quite struggle between the new and the old. I spent quite a bit of time up last night, working on Fat Chic, fixing some tech issues – like an interview meant to run yesterday that instead went to draft and should now show up hopefully tonight – and this morning, after doing my writing minimum (revision, really)  I set aside the blogging work to fish through old files for a debt banishing spell I wrote back around 1998/1999. I can’t say much for what it did professionally, but evidently graduate school poetry really improved my spell writing back then.

I don’t know what it says that nowadays, so does reading Mother Goose.

In fact, I’ve used Mother Goose for some straight up spellcasting for years. It’s just as weird as it sounds.

In any case, the recent Windows upgrade is forcing me once again to go through my rather large collection of ritual files I’ve written, wince at a lot of bad writing, and see what’s salvageable. I had always sort-of intended to publish the work I created privately, but found myself loudly discouraged by the Wiccan “authority” figures around me. I’ve come to realize that the discouragement was a load of bullshit coming from people who likely think hiding under their beds is a valid life strategy.

Fear’s my warning system, not my boss, thankyouverymuch.

Right now the struggle is about attention. I know Fat Chic stands to make me some money. I don’t know that about the spells. The spells, on the other hand, and the possibility of sharing them, stand to bring me a great deal of deep-down satisfaction. I’m even considering creating a series of handmade art journal style spellbooks – clearly not the stuff of an ISBN, but something fun, simple, the kind where I can have someone pick from a menu of spells and then put it together in a fun way.

Also, the book Divorcing a Real Witch marches on, with a little bit more revision every day.