You Have to Market Yourself

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I’ll talk more later about the strange glow cast on writers in occult fields by their audiences, but for now I want to point to this excellent post at Writer’s Weekly. In a nutshell, it says what nearly every publishing professional I’ve met with has told me for the last ten years:

These days, you have to do your marketing yourself.

Sometimes you’ll get a lucky and a publisher will do this part of the job for you, but ultimately, it’s up to you and to the personality you create around yourself.

A quote from this article: “The reason: the publishers will support an author’s first book with this type of effort because they need to gear up the author’s fan base. As time goes on, they project the number of copies the work will sell and scale down this specific expense accordingly. Once they feel the author is set at a level that will generate an acceptable sales level, they drop the review copy effort entirely.”

Read in entirety. It’s an eye-opener.

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