You probably forgot this magick fundamental

Walking. Putting one leg in front of the other. If you’re inhibited from walking, still just getting outside if you can is good. In my case, with my allergies ratcheting up in severity every year even being outside is occasionally dangerous to me – so I find places to walk inside. My gym has a location with an indoor track. My city has indoor parks, huge museums, even schools that offer community ed programs that allow me to walk their halls at night for exercise. It may not always have the variety of image I might seek but it allows the possibility of engagement with fellow community members.

You do not need to be “in nature” – ie far from civilization – benefit from walking as part of magickal practice. When I go for walks in the city, I find awesome things – some I might still see in the woods. For instance, urbanized deer do some funny stuff during hunting season opener. Chickens are no longer just a hazard of farming life – neither are goats.

There’s also a lot of symbols and kismet generated by human hand that you might encounter, too, that can still bring you closer to divine encounter – or at least expose you to the synchronicity that happens as the result of successful practice. A healthy city has a strong balance between what rules nature has laid down and what human hand can do; maintaining this balance is a matter of constant vigilance. Walking in your city on a regular basis can tune you in to the state of that balance.

In order to share some of these encounters I’m making an effort to share more of the photos and images I collect from my own dear metropolis. You can see life and movement here, struggles for power and celebrations of tension. You can see history – and the love of it.

The following are all less than half a mile from my house now. I live in a mixed but mostly safe neighborhood with a strong artist population. I am definitely not the only witch in the area; I am probably not the only Wiccan.

If you name a culture, it’s represented in Nordeast Minneapolis. It’s all here, somewhere. If you watch carefully you can see it.

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