Privacy Policy

As of 10/23/14

First off, this is long overdue. Somehow I thought I already had one of these puppies in place. My apologies for getting to it so late.


Diana Rajchel blog does not share your information with anyone, unless you explicitly ask for that.

Situations in which your information might be shared:
you ask me for a personal referral/to pass your name, email, or number to someone. This only really happens with people that know me in real life.

That’s about it.


Mailing Lists

If you sign up for my email list, you will receive emails from me, only. Your data will not be transferred or harvested by MailChimp or any other service used.


Customer Information

If you purchase a book or product directly from me, only I will see that information. It is not in any way shared.


Private Contact

If you send me a contact via the blog, and should it be something that I consider deserving of a response, again your information will not be shared.